A photo project capturing everyday life stories in Barents region

  • Olga Tulyaeva
  • location: Kirkenes, Norway


«Beloved friend, Eugene. Almost a year ago we were sitting on the shore near the Palace of Catherine, which is more than 200 years. We were sitting, our feet were knee-deep in warm water, we had bread and we fed the ducks. It was very sunny, the air hovered over the water mist. Next to us had fun kids, and in the church choir sang a capella. Everything was slow, magical and beautiful. I took photos of it, did your portrait. You recently returned from Germany. You missed Russia and for me . We talked about love, peace and people. You especially sentimental and cry on my shoulder. I hugged you, your hair sparkled in the sunlight. This time I will remember for a lifetime. In those moments you’ve opened the good and bright soul for me. I felt it. We were sitting, arm in arm, mist hovered over the water, everything was gentle … ” 

Photo: Anna Tyukacheva, Murmansk, Russia

Place:  Pushkin city, Sankt-Petersburg   August,2010


some photos from Russian participants!

Olga Tulyaeva

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Challenge # 1. FRIENDS

Hey!  Time to share your stories with us!  Today we are starting our weekly photo challenges. The topic for the next 2 weeks is FRIENDS. Very simple and yet there’s so much you can tell about your friends, the time you spend together, some precious moments you share… There’s no limit for your imagination!

Send in one photo of you and your friends with some description about it (see “how to join“) to barents.stories@gmail.com

Your stories…

We start publishing YOUR Barents stories that you send to barents.stories@gmail.com  

Keep up sending in wonderful pictures! 

13 february, 2010, Luleå

Adam talking about the BS’ start up!

http://vimeo.com/21485010   Check it out!

some inspiration from Barents Passion Week 2010

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Kirkenes, late October 2010, The Barents Passion week event, that’s where the BS project started up!